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Our PE Classes are not your stereotypical "gym class"!  Our classes give students the opportunity to participate in various recreational activities including a mix of camp-style games, sports, fitness, team building challenges, fun athletic competitions, and AWESOMENESS.  Our classes are designed to allow students to be active, be engaged, experience healthy competition, and build relationships.

These classes are a great option for anyone who simply wants to play and have A LOT of Fun!!!

*Our PE Classes meet throughout the school year, with each class lasting 60-90 minutes.

Current 2019-2020 School Year Schedule

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We are hoping to add more classes in the areas below.  You can help us start a class in your area!!!

The locations below are coming soon!  So, click the appropriate location button below, then fill out the interest form for that location.  Once we have enough families for that location, we will start a class there.

Spread the word and help us start a class where you live!

Click the PDF below to check out the activity schedule for the year!

                                       TUESDAYS                                                WEDNESDAYS

                                       THURSDAYS                                                  FRIDAYS