The Global Sports School (GSS) is set up to serve three groups of people.

  1. The Homeschool Community

    • PE Classes

      • Homeschool students who want to have fun participating in recreational "gym class" activities definitely want to be a part of GSS.  Our PE classes are not the stereotypical gym class program!  Each class has a fitness component, a team building component, and a camp-style game/activity component (and/or a sports specific component).  Most of all, we have A LOT of FUN while building relationships with other homeschool students.

  2. Competitive Athlete

    • Performance Institute​

      • This is for any athlete that wants to be the best, at their particular sport, that they are capable of being.​  Our unique system, rooted in muscle memory, is designed to guarantee results while developing the complete athlete.  If you want to be better than you are right now, then become a student at the GSS Performance Institute.

  3. Recreational Enthusiast

    • Exercise & Fitness Classes​ // Team Building Events // Group Get-Togethers // All Things Recreation

      • Our exercise & fitness classes are for folks who want to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.  These classes are for anyone (youth & adults), regardless of where you're at in your fitness journey (beginner, intermediate, advanced).​

      • Our team building events are a great way for teams, businesses, and any other group of people to participate in fun activities that help each person learn more about their teammates, their coworkers, and the people that they do life with in general.  The lessons learned can be used to improve our "life self" as well as our "work self".

      • From time to time, we'll coordinate group get-togethers.  These are for people to spend time with others who are interested in the same kinds of things.  It's also a great way to build relationships.